Thursday, January 5, 2012

Céad Mile Fáilte

Ok so I know I have left this one to the last minute. But here it is so far. I have used a commercial fabric and once again used my toilet bleach to remove the shape of my hand. As you can see it has left some of the pattern behind. My youngest thinks it freaky so maybe I need to paint over it. I have had a little fun using my horizon to embroider my name and town name along each side. I also tried some free motion on the background. Its not very accurate and needs a little ripping to fix the mess at the bottom right corner. I do like the bubble design of the quilting but I need more practice to master it.
This is for The International Quilt Festival of Ireland  


  1. Hi Lynn,
    your quilt block looks great. Great idea using the bleach for the hand - it looks very effective. I still have to make my hand block - at least the entry date is now the 1st Feb!

  2. Thanks Claire, good luck with your block. Can't wait to see the whole display in June.