Saturday, May 15, 2010

Quilting the dyed fabrics

Here I have quilted a sampler, using my dyed fabrics with a lime shape. I recently purchased some quilting equipment from Leah Day's web site. The supreme slider, the Little Genie magic bobbin washers and the Machingers gloves. You can see from the back view that they all really helped to eliminate back lash. The space was left only because I ran out of top thread.

The Painted Quilt following on

Here are my own designs following exactly the same technic. And below how they will look together. I think nine blocks would really finish it off.

The Painted Quilt Next Step

Here I have cut a new pair template and ironed it over the bleached shape. I  painted my bleached pear shape using Markel Oil Paint Sticks using a tooth brush I brushed the colour on to the cloth. Using some of my other dyed fabrics I have created a border.

Dyed Fabrics

I have chosen to work with one of my dyed fabrics. This one was a very dark fabric with not much contrast. Using Linda and Laura Kemshall's book "The Painted Quilt" I have taken one of their shapes. Cut out of freezer paper and pressed on to the cloth. I carefully applied thick bleach to remove the colour. I then removed the paper pattern and held the cloth under running water to stop the bleach process.