Sunday, January 24, 2016

Perfect Points.

Accuracy in Patchwork:

Do you get annoyed at losing your points in half square triangles? 
Do you rip it out when it is not right?
Do you admire people who get it perfect every time?

Well I have discovered over the years that is it difficult to get it right every time. However I have put myself to the test and discovered that it is not just a case of hit and miss. If you really want your points to be perfect then unfortunately you have to work at it. 
Accuracy is the name of the game. There are three things that affect your perfect points.

1. Accuracy in cutting.
2. Proper pressing.
3. Accurate seam allowance. 

There are a number of other factors which also influence the outcome. 

1. Thickness of thread.
2. Marking lines both for cutting and sewing.
3. Methods used for the process.
4. Machine feet.
5. Rulers.
6. Marking tools.

This is my first block using all half square triangles. I made the blocks bigger and then cut them down to size. On Close inspection I would say I got the points 90% perfect. 
The problems I encountered during this exercise where encountered during the sewing of the intersection of the seams. The machine had difficulty keeping a straight line through the bulk of the seams. 
For this block I had to open some of the seams in order to keep unity and ensure the block did not have seams meeting in the same direction. 

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