Thursday, March 31, 2011

Friday Night Fix

Here is the first page of my altered book. I have been watching DMTV with Linda and Laura Kemshall. The Friday Night Fix is a series of six work along video tutorials on altered books. I started with one of my kids old school books. It had shinny pages and as you can see my attempts at achieving a nice starting base has not been very successful. Although I like the feel of this page after applying gesso and colour pastels I'm finding it hard to get a suitable theme. I had started out thinking about flowers.

 This page does nothing for me and could it get any worse, the answer is yes have a look at the next page.

 I tried to apply some texture, but I hate it. The following are some of the other pages in the book. As you can see they have some nice pictures of bees. But not enough through out the book, it changes subjects as you would expect a school book to do.

This is a book I started before the Friday night fix where I glued three pages together. I do like the effect of this page but its as stiff as board and very wrinkled. The moral of the story is to follow the instructions and get the right book to start in the first place. So I have not given up on this process yet, and have purchased a very nice little book on flower arranging written in French. It cost €1 and I bought it from a stall along the river Seine.


  1. I love your altered book pages, Lynn! I have enjoyed getting my Friday Night Fix, as well, but it takes me away (or lets me avoid) my DM Creative Quilting work. :D

  2. Don't worry Lynn....just relax and enjoy the process. There are no right and wrong ways to alter a book. I hope you don't give up on this can always paint over, collage, write, sketch on top. Even a background you didn't think you liked can come right in the end.

  3. Thanks for your comments, I will keep trying, time is my only problem