Monday, February 7, 2011

Sketch Book

I am always taking photo's of birds in my garden to try and capture an interesting pose. Waiting for them to fly off, so I can get them in flight. So far the best poses are when they are still. I would love to do a sketch book page using the bird images. As I have never taken a class in drawing or painting I can always trace the shape first. I love the strength in his beak, unfortunately his eye is not clear.
Here is a page I created using a photo copy of a piece of fabric I have with some cows in a field of poppies. On the left I have cut out the head of a poppy and painted the leaves and painted some more poppies to the bottom of the cow page. I have not done many sketch book pages so I hope these will improve with practice


  1. I like that you are doing sketchbooks. They're a great way to just explore ideas and have fun without putting pressure on having to create an end result. I like the accidental links that can happen. I like the bright, slightly abstract, partial poppy leaves on the right and the stark outline of the bird in the photo. You're on to something I think!

  2. Thanks for your comments Ester, I am enjoying the sketch book work. I find it very satisfying when I don't want to sew but still want to create something.

  3. Have you seen the magazine 'cloth,paper,scissors'?They have it in easons. Its just that I bought it a few weeks ago as I was reading about sketchbooks and journaling and its got loads of ideas, and you don't need all the fancy gizmos. My daughters and I have been cutting up old magazines and making postcards and having a great time,

    I love the first photo, the silhouette is wonderful- might look at crows a bit differently in future...or not!!!

  4. Yes I have some issues's of Cloth, Paper, Scissors.{Great Mag} And about two or three years subscription of the sister Mag "Quilting Arts". I took the digital issue last year, but it did not gel, as there is nothing like the real thing. I did not renew this year as I have joined Linda and Laura Kemshall on DMTV. The have just started new programs on sketchbooks. Don't forget to post some pics to your blog!!!!!!!