Monday, March 22, 2010

Gone But Not Forgotten

At a meeting of the Castle Quilters my friend Mona brought in a bag full of bits and pieces, which was given to her by the husband of her friend who had passed away. She said these things had reminded her of me. When she emptied the bag on the table I was amazed at the collection of samples which her friend had been working on. She had put some into plastic covers inside a folder, just as I do. But as I looked at all the pieces, I thought to myself why had she not taken notes to say what she had done and what result she had been trying to achieve. I then realised that I do exactly the same thing. Mona very kindly allowed me to take the bag home to look at some more. I took some coloured card stock and put it behind some of the pieces and photographed them. It also made me think about all the things I have experimented with and what will happen to them. I have been looking at sketch books with a possibility of using my pieces as covers or even pages within and maybe my girls would hold on to my pieces as mementos. I will post some more photo's of Mona's friend's pieces and find out a little more about her.

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