Thursday, February 18, 2010


Returned from San Francisco on Sunday, should have been Saturday but it is a long story. Here are some ribbons and pieces of leather I bought in one of the biggest fabric stores I have visited. It is called Britex and is located beside Macy's on Union Square. I did not buy any fabric as it was not set out like a quilt store and I was not looking for anything at this time.


  1. Hi Lynn, thank you for leaving me a comment. The Ruth Issett workshop was excellent and I can definitely recommend it if you get the chance to go to one. It was more a day spent with friends including a very knowledgeable and friendly one. :o) I am very interested in incorporating printing into my work and layers fascinate me so I'm sure I will be taking this work forwards and experimenting some more. The weekend just scratched the surface.

    Your snowfall the other day looks freezing! I have some friends who live in County Kerry but I haven't heard how they are faring in this wild winter. Time for a phone call maybe?