Monday, October 12, 2009

Play time usually happens when I try to tidy up my very small work room. I usually find something I had forgotten which distracts me from the reason I went into my room in the first place. In this case I received an email from Quilting Arts Mag with instructions on how to paint faces on fabric using shiva paintstiks. This is the result using only four of the six colours I possess. As I liked the result I think I need to invest in some more colours. I painted the picture on the right on pellon, cut it out and bond a webbed it to the fabric. The faint face on the left was an attempt to paint on bond a web and iron to the fabric, but as you can see, part of it peeled off.

1 comment:

  1. Although the face on the right is more definite....I kinda like the one on the left even more! I like that faded, ethereal quality as it makes the viewer think about how to interpret it. You've inspired me to play with some materials I have but have not used! I got some special fabric and paints at the Knit & Stitch last year that are still in the wrappers!